ACD’s Aquafina & Gatorade sponsors and partners for Sand Clash

Aljomiah Consumer Division Sponsored and Partnered for the largest the Cross fit event in Saudi Arabia with Aquafina and Gatorade as the key and main sponsors of the Event . It was a two-day licensed Cross Fit Competition and Fitness Festival designed to challenge athletes, celebrate the dynamic fitness community, and promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Aquafina and Gatorade fueled up the event with

  • 15,000 bottles of Aquafina with 10 Units of Aquafina Coolers and 8 Units Barrel Coolers sampled.
  • 1600 bottles of Gatorade Sampled with 6 Units of Gatorade Barrel Coolers
  • 5000 Empty Bottles Collected for recycling

In line with Aljomaih Consumer Division’s Purpose of “Making each day Memorable and Responsible”, Aquafina & Gatorade were the proud partners and sponsors of the Crossfit Competition & Fitness Festival “Sand Clash 2020”                           

Sand Clash was held to celebrate the dynamic fitness community and to promote a healthy lifestyle, athletes and vendors participated from all over the world. The 2-day event was a massive hit, especially because of the diversity it offered in the form of Competitions, Entertainment, Fitness Classes and Seminars, with 40 men and 30 women athletes competing as Individual Competitors (GCC & MENA only) & 30 Athletic teams from around the globe.

The event wouldn’t have been complete without Aljomiah Consumer Division’s refreshing and energy-boosting Pepsi Co. products, Aquafina & Gatorade as thousands of athletes relied on these to keep up with their fitness challenges. The hydration and energy needs of the athletes were met using 10 units of Aquafina Single Door, 8 units of Aquafina Barrel coolers & 6 units of Gatorade Barrel coolers. 15,000 Aquafina bottles and 1600 Gatorade bottles were sampled in the event with 5000 empty bottles collected at the end of the event.

Aljomaih Consumer Division’s Aquafina & Gatorade booths served as relaxing points for the athletes looking to take a break from the strenuous exercises and fitness challenges of the event and sipped through the drinks to regain their strength and energy for the competition.